En estos versos van mis besos
para esas manos primorosas
que conquistaron mi alma
con frescura y devoción
y que sin tiempo y medida
su amor incondicional me dio.

Dulce madre mía
sin medida yo te amo
y aunque regalos no traigo
tengo inmensa gratitud
para el milagro de la vida
que me enseñó a amar.


13 comentarios en “DULCE MADRE MÍA


      In these verses go my kisses
      for those exquisite hands
      that conquered my soul
      with freshness and devotion
      and that without time and measure
      their unconditional love gave me.

      My sweet mother
      without measure I love you
      although I bring you no gifts
      I have immense gratitude
      for the miracle of life
      who taught me to love.


      Me gusta

    • Thanks to you for being here, always. Blessed day and may God bless you constantly. I tell you that here, in Peru, every second Sunday of May we celebrate Mother’s Day. This writing is a simple tribute to Peruvian mothers and mothers all over the world and you are included dear Joanna.

      Fraternal greetings. 🤗

      Me gusta

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